Now that you have quality backups created with ChronoSync, one day you may find that you need to restore a backed-up file from your backup target, or find an older version of a file from your Archive. Watch and follow along with these videos to learn how to restore items.

Your ChronoSync backups are exact copies of your important files. You can always browse your backup target and find items using Finder. Did you know you can also use ChronoSync to restore files and folders? Learn how to restore backed up files and folders using ChronoSync by watching our video guide “Restoring Synced Items In ChronoSync”.

ChronoSync can maintain extra copies of synced and deleted files or folders when you enable Archiving. What about restoring archvied items? Learn how to restore from the ChronoSync Archive by watching our video guide “Restoring Archived Items In ChronoSync”.