Over time wear and tear takes it's toll and things need to be replaced. Batteries are devices that wear out often, how often depending on their chemistry, usage and enviornmental factors.

This KB explains how to replace the battery in a Vess R3600.

You will need a replacement battery and a small Phillips screwdriver.

How to tell that a battery needs replacement

In the WebPAM Devices you can see battery status. In the case the battery is malfunctioning.

Battery Replacement

In the Vess R3600 the battery is located in the Fan Module. The battery for controller 1 is in Fan Module 1 to the left. The battery for controller 2 is located in Fan Module 2 to the right.

We will show Fan Module 2 battery replacement here.

First, remove the two screws holding the fan module in place.

Next remove the fan module my gently pulling back with the power supply handle.

To open the fan module there is one screw on the top and 2 screws on the left side and 2 screws on the right side.

With the cover removed the battery is visible.

Remove the 4 screws, gently poll up to remove the failed battery and gently insert the replacement battery.

Reassemble the fan module and insert it into the chassis and install the screws to hold it in place.

Note that the battery may not be fully charged when installed, check WebPAM for battery status.