How to connect Vess R3600 Storage to a Vess A8120 via iSCSI

At Vess R3600 Storage

1  Login the WebPAM PROe


2  Create a new Pool (Either Advanced or Standard)


3  Create a new volume


4  Configuring iSCSI Portals and Target

[ IP address of IO Portal ]

Some iSCSI initiators require a target name, it can be found here...


At the Vess A8120 Storage Server

5  Alternatively, you can start the service from Administrative tools. Open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> open Services -> Find “Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service” service. Right-click on it and click on “Start” ; See the following image.


6  Setup the Vess A8120 iSCSI initiator

Open the iSCSI Initiator

Go to the iSCSI initiator's Discovery tab and enter the IP address of the IO portal created on the VR3600


Switch to Targets and connect to Initiator IP



ISCSI connection is established successfully


7  Check if a new Promise Vess R3604xx SCSI Disk Device is detected in the Device Manager > Disk drives


8  A new disk is recognized at Disk Management, with Windows Server it will be necessary to bring the drive online, then initialize the disk and create a new simple volume with NTFS format.