Products Affected:
  • SuperTrak EX4650
  • SuperTrak EX8650
  • SuperTrak EX8654
  • SuperTrak EX8658
  • SuperTrak EX16650



SuperTrak EX SAS/SATA controller is not installed into the host computer system, but the WebPAM PRO Agent & SLP software modules are installed.


Failure Mode/Symptom:

The WebPAM PRO server utility in another system can discover the agent system IP, but cannot add the IP address into WebPAM PRO server utility. 





Additional Comments:

This is not a bug, but an application usage error.

WebPAM PRO software has two major modules; Utility Server and Agent. The Utility Server can reside on any system in the same network. The Agent most be installed in the same host machine where the SuperTrak EX SAS/SATA controller is located. The Agent module works between Utility Server and the host controller.

If user just installs the Agent module in a host system but there is not a SuperTrak EX SAS/SATA controller installed, the Agent has no controller information to share. 

The Agent has one piece of a program called SLP which is used for “Show Storage Network”. The Agent broadcasts to all Utility Servers in the same network and will inform them the Agent's IP address.

If the host system doesn’t have a SuperTrak EX SAS/SATA controller installed, the Utility Server cannot add the IP to WebPAM PRO Software.