The Vess A6600 systems can accommodate two AC power supplies in the bay at the rear of the chassis. The Vess A6800 systems can accommodate three AC power supplies in the bay at the rear of the chassis. Each unit provides up to 550 Watts of power. Only a single power supply is required for operation, with the second power supply purely as a redundant, load-sharing backup. It can be removed without affecting system operation.

Installing and Removing the Power Supply

  1. Align the power supply unit with the power supply slot. Ensure that the LED appears on the left when you are installing the power supply unit.
  2. Carefully slide the PSU all the way into the power supply bay until it clicks into place.

Removing the Power Supply Unit

To remove a failed power supply, please first identify the failed power supply .

  1. Hold onto the power supply handle while pressing the locking lever towards the power supply handle.
  2. Pull to remove the power supply from the chassis.


  1. Before replacing the power supply, power off the server, unplug the power cord, and disconnect all wiring from the power supply.
  2. In a redundant system, you do not need to power down the server.