It is your responsibility to back up or otherwise save important data before installing any product and continue to back up your important data regularly.

Although RAID technology allows additional levels of redundancy it is still possible to loose data due to a double drive fault, user error, other device fault or software application running in your system. Please reference the “Limited Warranty“ and “Disclaimer of other warranties” in your respective product manual.

If you have experienced a possible data loss situation, please contact Promise technical support to determine the cause of the problem. It is very possible that Promise Technical Support maybe be able to assist in array recovery in the event of accidental array deletion, incorrect drive removal or even a double drive fault scenario. In the event Promise Technical Support is not successful we will refer you to DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc. You are also welcome to seek your own data recovery service.

DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc., the leading provider of fast, reliable and secure data recovery, provides Promise Technology customers with professional data recovery solutions at a discounted rate, FREE shipping and FREE evaluations on all RAID, NAS and SAN devices.


How to Proceed with Data Recovery Service:

Call 800-440-1904, 24x7

  1. Promise Technology tech support agents can set up a conference call with a DriveSavers Data Recovery Advisor at 800-440-1904, or suggest that customer does so at their convenience.


  2. Reference Promise Technology as the referral partner.
    1. This provides Promise Technology customers with a 10% discount
    2. Discounts up to 27% for GSA, Edu and non-profits.


  3. DriveSavers offers Promise Technology customers:
    1. Free Inbound Shipping from nearly any global location, including the completion of customs and shipping forms for customers outside the US.
    2. Fastest Standard turnaround time
    3. Guaranteed Data Security
      US Federal Security Clearances
      SOC 2 Type II certified facility
    4. No Data No Charge
      If we don’t recovery what you need, there is no charge.


  4. Recovered data can be returned on any type of backup media. DriveSavers DataExpress™ Service can be used to download your most critical recovered data.



Contact Information:

Call 800-440-1904, 24x7

DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc.
400 Bel Marin Keys Blvd.
Novato, California 94949

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