Installing the macOS Pegasus DEXT driver



  • The DEXT driver does not require changing boot permissions, please leave boot permissions at the default, which is Full Security.
  • The Pegasus32 DEXT driver is compatible with all Pegasus models except the Pegasus Pro and the Pegasus2 R2+.
  • macOS first supported DEXT drivers in Big Sur (v11.0), however the Pegasus DEXT driver supports Monterey (v12.0) and above.
  • Do not try to install the both the KEXT and the DEXT, install only the DEXT with the process below.
  • The DEXT installer will uninstall any Pegasus KEXT drivers installed.



First download the DEXT driver. Here is a link to the current DEXT driver.

This driver is from the Pegasus32 downloads page.

Currently the Pegasus32 downloads page is where to look for the latest DEXT.

The download is a disk image (dmg file). Double click to open it.

Double click on the installer package and the install will begin.



Enter your password.

Next, Apple requires that the user manually approve the driver as a security measure.

Select Open System Settings and the installer will take you to the correct place to Allow the driver.

Click Allow and the driver will load.

If the Pegasus is attached to the Mac, the Volume should mount in less than a minute.


Final Cut...

The installer creates an app in the Applications folder.

The driver has already been installed, do not run this app now.

If you run the app when the driver is installed, it will uninstall the driver.

if you run the app when the driver uninstalled, it will install the driver.

If you delete the app it will uninstall the driver.

Run this app only when you want to uninstall the DEXT driver.

So generally, pay no attention to the app behind the Applications folder.