I am having a problem connecting my MacPro to the VTrak Ex30using a Brocade DCX-4S Director switch. How do I connect my MacPro to the VTrak Ex30?



        TheBrocade DCX switch will only work in “N Port” topology setting with the VTrakEx30 and Ex10 Fibre Channel front end.

       MACOS X Leopard and Snow Leopard do not support ALUA which offer “Port Aliasing”support for seamless VTrak Ex30 or Ex10 controller failover / failback.

       NLPort Topology supports “Port Aliasing - N Port does not.

       LUNAffinity is enabled on the VTrak Ex30 and Ex10 using NL topology to ensureseamless controller failover / failback in a MAC OS environment.

       AnNL topology supported Fibre Channel switch needs to used in between the MAC andthe DCX switch for seamless VTrak controller failover / failback to work.

       Linuxand Windows system support N Port Topology



To ensure proper connectivityusing a Brocade DCX switch, please see diagram below:




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