PBL_RAM:  Updating firmware if WebPAM is unsuccessful.


Overview:  In some instances, the VTrak firmware must be upgraded through the PBL_RAM prompt.  This requires serial (RS232) and ethernet connections as well as a tftp server running on your host.


You can update the firmware using the following procedure (from the PBL_RAM):


1.    Download and install a tftpd server package.  It's a tftp server that is needed in order to send the firmware image to the controller.  Refer to KB article 10061 for more information.


2.    Put the firmware image in the root directory of the tftp **tftp does not work across different subnets**server program.


3.    Turn on the VTrak subsystem and issue a ctrl+c.  This should stop the boot.


4.    For DHCP, type:  net -d (this assigns a dhcp address to the subsystem) then type:  reset

          -OR- If you have a static ip already entered, move to step 5.


5.    Quickly type:  ctrl+c again to halt the boot.  Type:  ip  (this makes sure you have an ip address, and make note of the address)


6.    Now from the PBL_RAM>  type:  ptiflash -t -h <ip address of the tftp server> -f <exact fw image name>


7.    Hit enter and make sure the firmware download finishes successfully.



8.    Restart the subsystem.  You should be back up and running.




*Make sure any Host firewall program is disabled during this firmware upgrade