Product: Vtrak 15100

Platform: All

Firmware/Bios Version: 2.05

Additional Description: This will allow multiple partitions within the array without needing the os to break it up.


From the main menu : (assuming the partition is blank other wise delete the array) Press option 2 - create disk array. Type the number of physical drives <enter>. Next hit <c> to continue. Pick raid type <enter> then select block size <enter>. It will ask for initialization, click yes (remember this is new array), then it will ask to create a logical drive <y> yes. Then it will ask , "How many partitions do you want". The next step is to divide the partition that is equal or less than the sum of the array. "( FOR EXAMPLE: Total sum of all drives is 370G, and you want 5 partitions that is 70 gigs a piece. FORMAT WOULD LOOK SUCH AS : 5X70G. Next hit enter. It will not show the logical partitions immediately, but return to the main menu and type option <4>, and it will see the partitions.

Additional Information: Information provided by Tech Jeremy.