Definition: LUN Affinity Normally, either RAID controller can access all LUNs. LUN Affinity enables you to specify which RAID controller can access each LUN. Use this feature to balance the load of your LUNs between the two RAID controllers.

To identify that LUN affinity is load balanced. You must have more than 1 logical drive present for LUN affinity to actively use load balancing.

In this scenerio we have 4 arrays with 4 logical drives on dual controllers on our VTrak. We have two examples of how to determine that your logical drives are balanced between controllers.

Webpam Example:

Determine LUN affinity is enabled

By looking at each logical drive in webpam (below pic) located in the information tab you can identify which controller the logical drive it is affinitive to. Here it shows that this logical drive is affinitive to controller 1. The next logical drive should be affinitive to controller 2.