At times, Spotlight indexing can impact Pegasus performance. To address potential performance issues, consider the following steps, as Spotlight's continuous indexing of files on your Pegasus might be a contributing factor:

- Exclude the External Drive from Spotlight Indexing:
It is recommended to permanently exclude the external drive from Spotlight indexing.Detailed instructions can be found here

Additionally, while running First Aid is a good idea, please note that it cannot be performed while the Volume is in use. Therefore, before attempting First Aid, ensure to:

  • Close any apps that may be using the Volume.
  • Ensure that Finder is not open in the Volume, and Spotlight is not indexing the Volume.
  • Confirm that the Terminal is not currently cd'd to the Volume.

By following these precautions, you will be able to unmount the Volume and successfully run First Aid.

The primary objective here is to disable Spotlight's indexing for the Pegasus drive without completely disabling Spotlight functionality.