E5000 Hard Drive Error Reporting




This article describes error threshold settings and actions for the E5000 family of controllers with firmware version 11.05.0000.00 or later.  The contents of this article also apply to the Ex30 family of controllers.

This table lists the settings and their default values:

  Default Value
Reassigned Block Threshold (BBM Threshold) 1024
Error Block Threshold (Media Patrol Threshold) 128
Medium Error Threshold 64
SMART disabled


Reassigned Block Threshold, also called Bad Block Manager Threshold (BBM Threshold), reads the grown defect list on SAS drives (known as the “G List”).   On SATA drives, the BBM reads the DDF area written to the drive by the VTrak firmware.  Please note that the BBM count can only be cleared on SATA drives, and the array information must be deleted first. If the BBM threshold has been reached, PDM will begin.

PDM-  Pleaserefer to http://kb.promise.com/thread/what-is-predictive-data-migration-pdm

Error Block Threshold is also called the Media Patrol Threshold. If the threshold has been reached, PDM will begin. The Media Patrol Threshold is attributed to I/O errors occurring during read/write operations:

PdId: 3
OperationalStatus: OK
PhysicalCapacity: 931.51GB                      ConfigurableCapacity:931.32GB
UsedCapacity: 931.32GB                           BlockSize:512Bytes
ConfigStatus: Array0 SeqNo1                     Location:Encl1 Slot3
ModelNo: SEAGATE ST31000640SS         VisibleTo: AllControllers
SerialNo: 9QJ5AM78                                   FirmwareVersion:0003
DriveInterface: SAS 12Gb/s                        Protocol:SPC-3
WWN: 5000-c500-1003-839f                      NumOfPorts:2
Port1Speed: 12Gb/s                                   Port2Speed:12Gb/s
Port1SASAddress: 50-00-c5-00-10-03-83-9d
Port2SASAddress: 50-00-c5-00-10-03-83-9e
WriteCacheSupport: Yes                            WriteCache:Enabled
RLACacheSupport: Yes                              RLACache:Enabled
ReadCacheSupport: Yes                            ReadCache:Enabled
CmdQueuingSupport: Yes                          CmdQueuing:Enabled
MediumErrorThreshold: 0
Errors: 0                                                     NonRWErrors:0
ReadErrors: 0                                            WriteErrors:0
DriveTemperature: 34C/93F                        ReferenceDriveTemperature:68C/154F

Medium Error Threshold is a global physical drive setting. The value is the number of bad blocks tolerated before the controller marks the drive as dead.  The value can be set from 0 to 4294967294. The threshold only functions when the array is in an OK or Degraded state. It will not function if the array is critical or if the array is not a redundant RAID type such as Raid 0.

SMART stands for  Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology.  If enabled, a polling interval can be assigned. SMART will report errors detected on the disk and PDM will start if the threshold has been reached.



Setting thresholds from the CLI

BBM Threshold– (1~2048)

administrator@cli>bga -a mod -s "BBMThreshold=1024"


MediaPatrol Threshold – (1~2048)

administrator@cli>bga -a mod -s "MediaPatrolThreahold=128"


MediumError Threshold – (0~4294967294)

administrator@cli>phydrv -a mod -s "mediumerrorthreshold=1024"



administrator@cli>ctrl -a mod -s "smart=disable"


Setting thresholds from WebPAMProE

BBM Threshold


Media Patrol Threshold