Some disk drive enclosures might fail to boot with the SuperTrak EX16350 controller card and early design SATA disk drives installed. When the SuperTrak BIOS appears on the screen, this message is displayed: “Something wrong with your hardware.”

The boot failure might be caused by the LED connections between the enclosure backplane and the SuperTrak card, depending on how the enclosure is internally grounded.

If the enclosure with the SuperTrak card hangs during bootup:

1. Power down the enclosure.

2. Disconnect the LED leads from the SuperTrak’s LED header.

3. Reboot the enclosure.

If the enclosure boots successfully with the LED leads disconnected, your system might have the condition discussed in this document.

1. Power down the enclosure again.

2. Connect the LED leads to the SuperTrak’s LED header in the opposite polarity from your original configuration.

3. Reboot the enclosure.

The SuperTrak BIOS should appear and the enclosure should boot normally.

For most installations, you connect single LED leads to the anode (+) pin on the LED header.