Common Causes of EXTERNAL BUS RESETS to appear in the VTrak Logs.

 The External Bus Reset error is seen when the connection between the VTrak and the SCSI HBA times out. The VTrak sends out a command to try and reestablish the connection. This produces the External Bus Reset event in the event log of the VTrak.

Common Causes:

1: An External Bus Reset event naturally occurs if the server that is connected to VTrak is rebooted. You will see one when the server is shutting down and coming back up.

2: There may be a cabling problem.

- Be sure to use a 1 meter/3Ft cable. Anything longer may cause signal fluctuations between the server and the VTrak.  You can also try toggling down the speed on the HBA to see if it will stop the External Bus Resets.

3: There may be a port issue on the VTrak or the HBA.

                - Try Swapping the port on either the VTrak or the HBA to see if the External Bus Resets will        stop.

4: There may be a software issue pertaining to the HBA

                - Make sure you are using drivers that are provided by the HBA manufacturer. It may be also a good idea to double check if you are up to date on the BIOS and firmware on the HBA. Some OS        compatible drivers may cause the External Bus Reset events to show at a constant interval.

5: There may be a compatibility issue between the VTrak and the HBA:

- Be sure to check our website for the VTrak compatibility list. You can find the compatibility list on our website.


If you need help troubleshooting the problem, Please give us a call at 408-228-1400 (Option 4) an we will be glad to help.