If you have Promise Vess product, the insufficient size of Vess onboard SSD (64GB)    may lead to the failure of latest Win 10 upgrade.

Windows image size grows much faster than earlier versions and Windows upgrade behavior keeps the old image in SSD during upgrading.

This mainly happens to A22/A26/A3340 Win 10 SKUs which only support 64GB onboard SSD size.

To solve the issue, upgrade M.2 is needed. Here is M.2 upgrade SOP:

 For A3340s:

  1. Remove the top cover
  2. Remove MB riser board

3.Removed mSATA;

4.Insert 128 M.2 to raiser;

5. Insert the RAISER Board with 128G M.2 to MB

6. Make sure to lock all screws


For A2600s

  1. Remove controller;
  2. Remove mSATA


3.  Assembly mSATA and controller.


For A2200s

  1. Remove top cover of chassis
  2. Remove mSATA module

3. Assembly mSATA module and top cover of chassis.


If assistance is needed, please contact our tech support at https://support.promise.com.

Thank you.