Here's why:

  • Mac Pro has many built-in flash storage options but max capacity is 4TB. You will need much more capacity to store the video files you edit.
  • Promise PegasusJ2i internal storage enclosure provides simple high capacity storage. An elegant chassis to fit right into its special space with a custom cable for power and data and a 7200 rpm SATA HDD storing 8TB of data. There’s a bay and mounting hw to Add an extra device from the Promise compatibility list if you need more space later.  Price starts at $399 MSRP.
  • If you need more capacity, performance with protection then use the Pegasus R4i MPX RAID module. The Elegant chassis fits beautifully into either MPX slot for an easy install with no cables, plug & play with a driver built into macOS Catalina and 4 swappable 7200 rpm SATA drive modules preformatted HFS+ And preconfigured HW RAID 5 for 24TB usable/32TB raw with upto 680MB/s thru-put to handle 4K streams. Your data is protected by the legendary Promise HW RAID. If a drive fails just swap out a drive module and get back up and running.  You can add another RAID MPX Module if needed to use both MPX slots.  $2299 MSRP
  • If you need even more capacity or performance then connect a Pegasus32 RAID system over a Thunderbolt3 cable with upto 128 TB in 4/6/8 bay external tower for up-to 1800 MB/s thru-put. Enough power for handling 8K streams. Daisy chain additional Pegasus32 units for even more storage.  The included Promise Utility helps monitor and manage your Pegasus inside or outside the Mac Pro.  Get Promise worldwide tech support if needed anytime during business hours in the region.  All Promise systems backed by a solid 3yr HW warranty.