You can change the settings by doing the following:

This is not a serious condition and will not affect performance or stability. It will cause the cooling fans to change to high speed when the temperature threshold is exceeded and temperature events will be logged. When Service Release 2 was introduced it set the RAID Head VPD settings to match those of the JBOD enclosure, which are lower than the RAID enclosure.
This has been addressed in manufacturing with all current units shipping with SR2 or greater firmware (will only see this if the unit was shipped with FCS or SR1 code and then upgraded to SR2). Once the setting is changed there is no need for a reboot so no down time is necessary.

The correct settings are:
    EnclWarningTempThreshold: 51C/123F
    EnclCriticalTempThreshold: 61C/141F
    CtrlWarningTempThreshold: 75C/167F
    CtrlCriticalTempThreshold: 85C/185F

You can change these settings using the CLU:
    1. Telnet in to the VTrak or open a Hyperterminal Session (see user manual).
    2. Enter the “menu” command at CLI prompt.
    3. Select the “Subsystem Management” menu.
    4. Select the “Enclosure Management” menu option.
    5. Select the E-Class subsystem.
    6. Select the “Enclosure Settings” menu option.
    7. Change the enclosure settings to:
        EnclWarningTempThreshold  [10-51] : 51 C
        EnclCriticalTempThreshold [52-61] : 61 C
        CtrlWarningTempThreshold  [10-75] : 75 C
        CtrlCriticalTempThreshold [76-85] : 85 C
    8. Save the changes and exit; no subsystem reboot is necessary.

On the contrary, if the controller senses a true over-temp condition and the critical temperature is exceeded within the RAID head or JBOD, the respective system will shutdown to preserve the existing data and to prevent any potential corruption.