Product: FastTrak 66

Platform: Windows 95,98 ME NT4.0 Windows 2000

Firmware/Bios Version: 1.30

Additional Description: This message occurs when several factors are involved

Card is conflicting with another PCI device

Hard drives are not jumpered correctly

Use of Third party cables or removable Swap bays

Out of date firmware for Fasttrak or Mainboard

Solution: Remove all other PCI devices on the mainboard and/or try different PCI devices

and/or disable any non essential devices on the system board

Check Hard drives on Fasttrak card to see if they are set to master and array is established

Make sure that IDE cables and/or Swap bays are up to spec(Note: Use of Long data cables

of 30 inches or longer can cause this error message

Update Fasttrak bios to the latest

Additional Information: This error message can also apply to Fasttrak 100TX2, TX2000 as well