Products Affected:
  • SuperTrak EX4650
  • SuperTrak EX8650
  • SuperTrak EX8654
  • SuperTrak EX8658
  • SuperTrak EX16650



Using WebPAM PRO to create disk array and logical drives with the "Express Configuration" feature.


Failure Mode/Symptom:

When using the "Express Configuration" feature, there is no option to choose RAID 1E and/or RAID 6.



None. This is normal and by design for specific conditions.  See comments below.


Additional Comments:

For Express Configuration to offer RAID 1E: Redundancy and Performance options are selected, and Capacity is not selected and there are only 3 unconfigured physical drives. Under this specific condition, RAID 1E will be an available logical drive option.

For Express Configuration to offer RAID 6: All physical drives must be SATA drives. Also Redundancy is selected, Performance is not selected and more than 8 unconfigured physical drives and less than 16 unconfigured physical drives are available. Under this specific condition, RAID 6 will be an available logical drive option.  

Why must all drives be SATA for RAID 6?:  SAS hard drives are often more reliable than SATA hard drives. There is a faint chance that two SAS hard drives will fail at the same time. With SAS hard drives being more expensive than SATA drives, using two SAS hard drives for parity is not the best use of SAS hard drive technology. So if all hard drives are SAS, then RAID 5 is the preferred configuration and RAID 6 will not be available.