If "Use Cellular Data" for the Camera Roll is enabled, and if you have no Wi-Fi connection, when synching the camera roll, videos and photos from your mobile device's camera roll will be uploaded via cellular data.

Use this option if you want immediate sync of your photos and video but do not have a Wi-Fi connection.

When "Use Cellular Data" is enabled, the Apollo Cloud App will use your cellular carrier's data minutes to sync the camera roll.  So please check with your cellular providor and consult your data plan to prevent any unexpected data overage charges.

Other features of the Apollo app will still use cellular data even when the “Use Cellular Data” for the Camera Roll is disabled. This option is only related to the Camera Roll and does not prevent other functions from using cellular data.

If you do not want the Apollo app to use any cellular data, you will need to specifically disable use of “Cellular Data” in your mobile device for the Apollo Cloud application.