Although the PROMISE A-Class provides three levels of access control to the file system LUNs and Volume, it is still possible that one or more of the data LUNs could be unintentionally formatted on a workstation that was added to the A-Class SAN but then on which the file system was un-mounted.

If the VTrakFS client application is not using the file system, it no longer has control over LUN access and can not protect the LUNs from being formatted, partitioned, or relabeled by the OS X Disk Utility app or other third party tools because the devices are now managed at the raw disk and FC level.

This is a common vulnerability of all products of this type, and it is the end-user's administrative responsibility to manage it, but it is also commonly addressed by following these best practices to reduce the chances of this type of unintended LUN access:

1. Remove all non-administrative access rights to Disk utility tools.

2. Remove all non-administrative access rights to the A-Class VTrakFS client application on SAN workstations, and have set the file system to auto-mount at system startup to prevent the file system from being unintentionally un-mounted.