Cable Setup for Vtrak E5000VTrak and VTrak J5920sD Expansion daisy-chaining.

Promise provides VTrak D5800 12G passive cables (black) for its internal caching and active cables (orange) for its expansion JBOD included with the J5920/5910.  It is very important to use the correct cables. Not doing so will cause stability problems and or drive detection issues.


Enclosed with Promise D5800 Chassis are two black passive cables for caching inside the accessory box.

Promise PN: G51130260500001

Part Description:  CABLE.External min SAS to External min SAS 8644 to 8644 SAS3.0 12G 50cm cable.JESS-LINK:P3602U600500-E


Enclosed with Promise J5920sD Chassis are two orange active cables for expansion connection.

Part Number: C04012M2ML003

Part Description: 48-Gbps Mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cable for SAS3.0