Vess R2600/R2000 Memory Requirements

Feb 05 2018



The base model Vess R2600 comes with 2GB of memory per controller. The Vess Pro comes with 32GB of memory per controller today, although the original Vess Pro shipped with 16GB of memory per controller.

Update: The base Vess R2600 now comes with 8GB of memory per controller. This KB still applies to Vess R2600s with 2GB of memory per controller.

The memory requirements of the Vess controller depend strongly on the use case, how the Vess is being used. The base model Vess comes with 2GB of memory per controller. This is adequate when the Vess is used as for iSCSI, but more memory may be needed with other use cases, such as...

  • When the Vess is used as a NAS or mixed NAS + iSCSI.
  • When the Vess NAS sharedisk was created with Service Release 1 firmware, now known as Type 1.
  • When the Vess is providing an iSCSI datastore to VMware ESXi servers.
  • When a Vess iSCSI LUN is being accessed by many servers through multiple portals.
  • When expanding a sharedisk.
  • When running a sharedisk check.
  • When the Vess is joined to a domain.
  • When sharedisks larger than 8TB are needed.


For the use cases above it is recommended to upgrade the memory to 8GB per controller. When joined to a large domain, 16GB per controller may be more appropriate. The number of domain users/groups supported scales up with controller memory.

The maximum sharedisk size also scales with memory as follows:

Controller Memory 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
Maximum Sharedisk size 8TB 16TB 32TB 100TB 100TB

Updating Controller Memory:

With a dual controller Vess, both controllers need to have the same amount of memory.

For each controller, DIMMs of different sizes cannot be mixed. That is, if you buy an 8GB DIMM and the controller has a 2GB DIMM installed, you will have to remove the 2GB DIMM before adding the 8GB DIMM.

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