Vess R2600 Battery Replacement

Once a replacement battery for the Vess R2600 has been obtained, the next step is to install it.

The Vess R2600 battery is located in the Fan Module, the first step is to remove the fan module. There are two thumbscrews securing the Fan Module, a Phillips screwdriver may be needed to loosen then. They are captive screws attached to the Fan Module.

The Battery is located at the end of the Fan Module and secured by four phillips headed screws.

Remove the screws and the battery can be lifted up.

Replace the failed battery with the new battery and secure it with the screws.

Re-install the Fan Module by tightening the captive screws.

The battery state can be observed by checking WebPAM. It may not be fully charged when recieved and it will immediately start charging.

If the controller setting named Adaptive WriteBack Cache has been disabled, it should be re-enabled after the battery has been replaced.