Collecting service logs aids in diagnosing issues with the machine by analyzing the latest events, physical drive status, component status, firmware versions, and various other aspects. To collect the service log from Vess A 3340d, there are two methods available.

Collect service reports through WebPAM PROe:

first, open the WebPAM PROe through the desktop shortcut icon   or you can open the browser and type https://localhost:8443/ ( * change the local host with a configured IP address in case opening the WebPAM from another network machine).

Insert user name and password (* by default, username: administrator, Password: password).

From the left side list select Local Host

then on the right side click on the Save button to save the service report.

Service Report Generating will start 

now the OPAS logs will be downloaded 

Finally, you can copy the OPAS logs and attach them to the support case (please follow the following Kb article for creating an account and submitting support cases Submitting support case.)

Collect service reports with USB (OPAS):

with this method, you don't need to access any GUI interfaces. 

first, you need an empty USB Disk and format it into FAT32.

then create new folder inside the Disk called (OPAS).

eject the Disk from the PC and insert it in the 3340d Front USB port you hear a repeated Beep sound from the buzzer wait till be a long Beeb buzzer and the USB LED stops flashing then ejects the USB Disk from the Machine.

finally, you will find the OPAS output folder in the DISK in the folder you created.