How to upgrade the Promise Utility in macOS 10.15.0 (Catalina) or higher. 

Open the Promise Utility and click on /Promise Utilty/Check for Updates


Please make sure you are connected to the internet. The utility will search for the latest version. If availible then a pop up will appear and you can begin to update. Click on the update button. 


Midway through the update process, there will be a pop-up stating you must allow access. Please allow access. 

Please note** that if the installation seems longer than usual, or you do not see the access control pop screen. There could be a chance that the window is sitting exactly behind the process window. Please see the next two slides. It does not occur all the time, but we will address the issue permantly in the next release. Please take a look at the next two slides with the dark macOS version, and with yellow highlights in the next couple of slides.

Hidden Access Control 1.

Simply move the window to gain access to the Access Control 2. 


Once completed please reboot your Mac.


After your system has reboot. Your all done. You may now enjoy the latest version of the Promise Utility. 

If this is still a problem. Please contact support at 408 228 1400, or open a CRM ticket.