Your Pegasus logical drive may appear as a removable-drive icon on your computer's desktop. If your computer’s operating system recognizes the logical drive but cannot access it, a warning message might be displayed.

Under normal circumstances, the Promise Utility automatically formats your logical drives, typically avoiding the occurrence of such warning messages for Pegasus' logical drives. However, if you encounter this warning message, consider the following steps:

1. Attempt Repair Using Disk Utility:Try using your computer's disk utility to address the issue with the problematic logical drive. Refer to the utility’s online help or consult the computer’s User Manual for detailed instructions.

2. Contact Technical Support if Repair Fails:Should the disk utility fail to repair the logical drive, it's advisable to seek advice and assistance from our Technical Support team. You can reach out to us at

CAUTION: If a logical drive has been in use and suddenly displays this warning message, do NOT format the logical drive. Formatting erases all of your data on your logical drive