When running 2k3 SP2 after a server reboot the logical drive is reported as "unknown" or "unreadable" via Windows Disk Management when connecting the Vtrak M-Class Mx00f series. Promise is currently investigating the source of the problem. Attached is the configuration in which the problem occurs.


1. The user can downgrade to sp1. This issue is not observed using 2k3 sp1.

2. 2k3 service pack 2 you can manually rescan the disks in your Disk Management


Update 09/17/2007

This issue has been fixed in beta F/W 2.17.0000.01. If you are interested in the Beta build please contact Promise Support.

Test environment:
Fiber HBA: QLA2xxx
Subsystem: Vtrak M500f
OS: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise R2 w/ SP2
Bootloader version: 2.02.0000.00 (Sep. 4, 2007)
Firmware version:    2.17.0000.01 (Sep. 4, 2007)
Software version:     2.17.0000.01 (Sep. 4, 2007)