If your Mac OS X system disk has an issue or you would like to migrate your Mac OS X system disk content to another system, you could restore the entire Mac OS X system disk from the Apollo Time Machine Backup.

When your Mac OS X system boots to recovery mode and you select "Restore From Time Machine Backup", you could use the Apollo Time Machine Backup as your source disk. However, you must pay attention on the required steps before proceeding with the restoring process.

1) Your Apollo unit and the Mac system you're recovering must be connected to the same network and under the same subnet IP address. In a home network environment, all network equipment will be using the same subnet IP address from the home network modem/gateway/router. In an office network environment, the subnet IP address of the Apollo (wired network connection) may not be the same subnet IP address of your Mac system (wireless office network). In that case, you may use an Ethernet wired connection from you Mac system to the same network switch where the Apollo unit is connected. 

2) After the Mac system boots to recovery mode and you select the Apollo Time Machine as your Backup source, you will be prompted for your credentials to access the backup source. At this point, you must type in "admin" in the Name field and type in your Apollo account password at the Password field. Do NOT use your Mac system's credentials for the username and password.


3) If you had enabled the "Encrypt Backup Disk" option on your Time Machine Backup, you will be prompted to type in the password before the restoring process starts. This password was set the first time you created the Time Machine Backup for your Mac. Please make sure to type the password correctly. It is the only key to access and open your encrypted Time Machine Backup files. Your Mac keychain and Apollo cannot help you to retrieve the password at this point.


Once your Time Machine Backup source disk and files are recognized, you can proceed to select which date of the backup you wish to restore.

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