Product: M-Class

Product Description: All iSCSI products

Platform: Independent

Firmware/Bios Version: SR2 and above

Additional Description: The procedure below applied to all of the M-Class products for clearing FRAM on the controller.

Solution: How to clear the FRAM within VTrak M-Class?

You always advise the customer to backup his/her data before proceed below:

Restart the VTrak; while the unit booting up

Press "Ctrl F" to get to IBLROM screen

Type "diag" and Enter to get to the System Hardware Diagnostic Tests

At the Menu use the list:

Select option 2: NVRAM Memory Test and Restore the default. Then, Enter

Select option 8: Test all NVRAM location (The test will run for about 2 second)

Select option 9: To Clear NVRAM

Select option 10: To restore NVRAM back to manufacture default

Select option 0: Again, to quit and back to IBLROM screen

Select option 0: To exit the System Hardware Diagnostic Test

Type "reset" to restart the VTrak and back to the login prompt.