Q: Can I use the same drive carrier from my VTrak E- or M-class subsystem in the VessRAID subsystem?

A: No. The VTrak enclosure has deeper drive slots, so the drive carriers are longer than those used in the VessRAID. Also, the VTrak carrier has metal guides on the edges that are different widths to provide a "keying" mechanism that prevents incorrect insertion in to the enclosure; the VessRAID carriers have plastic guides that are a different sizes as well.

Q: How does VessRAID drive carrier compare to those of the VTrak?

A: The VessRAID drive carrier has a black plastic front with a gray latch handle on the left side, while the VTrak drive carrier has a gray "keyhole" shaped latch handle.

Q: What kind of hard drive can I use with the VessRAID drive carrier?

A: Since the VessRAID supports both SATA and SAS drives, the drive carrier can accept both types of hard drives.

Q: How does the VessRAID drive carrier help suppress disk drive vibration?

A: The drive carrier has integrated arches on the black plastic guides on the sides of the carrier to minimize the vibrations created by the disk drives.

Q: Is the VessRAID drive carrier difficult to remove from the enclosure?

A: No. After squeezing the latch handle the drive carrier slides out of the enclosure easily.