Product: All VTrak M-500i/300i/200i

Platform: Independent

Firmware/Bios Version: Version 0.1

Additional Description:

Synchronization will not complete and Logical Drive creation will be in a loop forever. Background tasks, such as Synchronization and Redundancy Check will not complete and the progress status that is displayed will be wrong. When this problem happens, the configured logical drive cannot be recognized or accessed from the host server.


To temporarily avoid this problem, do NOT set the max. logical size to exceed 2TB. Any Logical Drive size that is less than 2TB will work fine without any problems. A finial fix will be put in M-Class products Service Release 1. The SR1 release schedule is for the end of October, 2005.

Additional Information:

The problem is due to a 64 bit assignment issue. In the code when we multiple two 32 bit variable and assign it to a 64 bit variable, the upper 32 bits were getting truncated. Due to this, the B/G task was rolling back to 0 and restarting the B/G tasks operation from beginning