Products Affected:
  • SuperTrak EX8654
  • SuperTrak EX8658


  1. In the host system the SuperTrak EX8654/EX8658 is connected to a single or cascaded multiple Promise VTrak J310s/J610s JBODs. 
  2. The VTrak JBOD is currently on-line and powered on.
  3. Turn off the host system while leaving the VTrak JBOD under power.
  4. Disconnect the VTrak JBODs from the host and then exchange the existing the SuperTrak EX8654/EX8658 with a replacement.
  5. Reconnect the VTrak JBODs to the newly installed SuperTrak EX8654/EX8658 while the JBOD is still powered on.
  6. Turn on the host system.


Failure Mode/Symptom:
  • With the above conditions and sequence of events, "Access Firmware Timeout" error will be displayed during BIOS post time. The system will halt and not be able to boot.


Solution/Work Around:
  • Users must power off the VTRak JBODs when replacing the SuperTrak EX8654/EX8658.


Additional Comments:
  • For the VTrak JBOD with replaceable controllers, the controller cannot be hotswapped without power cycling the VTrak JBOD.  The SuperTrak EX8654/EX8658 does not support controller hotswap failover.