SmartNAVI is not detecting the DS4600.

If you connect the DS4600 to the host system and power it up before installing the SmartNAVI program, the SmartNAVI program will sometimes not detect the DS4600. The following instructions should get the DS4600 recognized in the SmartNAVI program:

1.       Unmount the DS4600 volume from the desktop if you have already configured your volume through the One-Touch button.

2.       Power down the DS4600

3.       Uninstall the SmartNAVI software.

4.       Reboot the host system. This will give us a fresh start to installing the DS4600.

5.       Install the SmartNAVI software.

6.       Startup the SmartNAVI software.

7.       Startup the DS4600. It should now be detected by the SmartNAVI.

You may want to attach the SmartNAVI program to your dock, and set it to start automatically when the host computer starts. If the SmartNAVI program is not running, it will not get status updates from the DS4600. The event log within the SmartNAVI program will not record any new errors from the DS4600 while the SmartNAVI program is inactive.


If the DS4600 is still not being detected by the SmartNAVI program, please contact Technical Support to further troubleshoot the issue.