Product: UltraTrak RM4000

Platform: All

Additional Description: SCSI adapter list for the Ultratrak units

Solution: The following is a list of tested SCSI adapters for the Ultrak RM4000

UltraTrak SX/RM Tested SCSI Adapter List

Manufacturer     Model                                              Connector

Adaptec             39320D (HostRAID disabled)        LVD, VHDCI

Adaptec             39160                                     LVD, VHDCI

Adaptec             29160                                     LVD, HD

Adaptec             29160N                                   SE, 50-pin Narrow

Adaptec             2940U2W                                 LVD, HD

Adaptec             2940UW                                   Pro SE, HD

Adaptec             PowerDomain 29160 (Mac OS)      LVD, HD

Qlogic                12160                                      LVD,VHDCI

Qlogic                1080                                        LVD, HD

Qlogic                1040                                        SE, HD

LSI Logic            LSI21320                                  LVD, HD

LSI Logic            LSI22915A                                LVD, VHDCI

LSI Logic            LSI22903                                  LVD, VHDCI

LSI Logic            LSI8951U                                  LVD, VHDCI

TekRam              DC-390U3D                               LVD, VHDCI

TekRam              DC- 390U3W                             LVD, HD

ATTO                 UL3D (MacOS)                          LVD, HD