After completion of the San Link driver initial installation in macOS Catalina (10.15), the San Link is not connecting. Please make sure the hardware is connected properly at all times before attempting further troubleshooting.


The reason for this is that there could be an additional step that the “Promise Mobile App” may need access. To determine please follow the steps below.

Please go to preferences and click on security & privacy icon.


Once opened click on the lock symbol. 

 If the access is required you will receive an automatic prompt stating "Promise Technology Mobile Apps" was blocked from loading. Click allow then check the driver version.

Once set the San Link should connect and you can then proceed. 

Steps to verify driver installation:

In the top left corner click on the Apple Icon, and select "About This Mac" 

A window should open and in the center click on the system report.

Open the report and search for Sanlink in the software extensions to verify the driver has been loaded. 

Please verify that you have the latest drivers

If you are still not seeing the San Link. Please contact support

For Promise CRM -

Telephone Support - 1 (408) 228-1400