When configuring your VTrak/Vess Storage, all SATA SSDs are showing as "not usable" despite being tested and qualified on our compatibility list.


If you're encountering the "not usable" status for SATA SSDs in your VTrak/Vess Storage configuration, follow these steps to ensure proper setup:

1. Verify SSD Type: Confirm whether the SSD drives are SATA.
2. Use SATA to SAS Dongle: If the SSDs are SATA, you'll need a SATA to SAS dongle to ensure compatibility with your VTrak/Vess Storage. This dongle acts as an adapter, connecting SATA SSDs to the SAS interface of the storage system. SAS SSDs do not require the dongle.
3. Contact Sales Team: If you require a SATA to SAS dongle, get in touch with our regional Sales Team to place an order and purchase the necessary adapter for your SATA SSD drives.