• The R3600 are compatible with various hard drives, including SATA, SAS Hard Drives and SAS, SATA Solid State Drives.
  • Some supported hard drive models include the Toshiba Enterprise seriesWestern Digital Ultrastar, HGST Ultrastar and Seagate EXOS for SATA and SAS HDD. micron, Samsung, Toshiba, intel and KIOXIA for SAS and SATA SSD.
  • The largest capacity compatible with the R3600 is 22TB for WD Ultrastar DC HC570 SATA, SAS / 3.5". For SAS SSD 7.68TB for the KIOXIA PM7-R Series 2.5" and 4TB for Western Digital RED SA500 NAS Serien for SATA SSD.
  • The R3600 is compatible with a range of interface speeds of 12Gb/s for SAS HDD and 6,12,24 Gb/s for SAS SSD.
  • R3600 Supports various OS systems, the supported versions include Mac OS 10.12.6 and MacOS Ventura 13.1. On the Windows side, the compatible versions are Windows Server 2008,2012,2016,2019 and 2022. Also VMware and Citrix. Veeam Backup Applications Certified.