The R4i installation pictures below will show the proper installation of the R4i, and a common mistake in installing the Pegasus R4i.


Please note* 

  • The Mac Pro depicted will include a Radeon 580x MPX module.
  • If installed correctly you will hear a beep on boot up that confirms the Pegasus R4i is detected. 
  • Mac Pro Expansion (MPX) Modules can use up to two slots each — we recommend to install the R4i in slots 1-2 or slots 3-4. Either of these lots will function correctly. 

Always remember* Prior to installation of any PCIe module the PCIe latch must be unlocked before installation or removal of any PCIe products. 


Where to install your R4i– The picture below will show a brief guide on where to insert your Pegasus R4i.



Correct Installation picture:



Incorrect Installation picture:

In this picture the R4i is installed in slots 2 and 3. The correct position should be slots 3 and 4 or slots 1 and 2.

click below to view the installation video.