Enable System Extensions

M1 Mac running macOS 11 or later requires a one time change to the Boot Policy before you install the Promise Pegasus Driver . Follow the instruction in this section if the Boot Policy setting has not yet been changed. First check to see if the Boot Policy needs to be changed.

Check Boot Policy settings to determine if they need to be changed:

System Information --> Hardware --> Controller --> Boot Policy

To allow third party kernel extension ( kexts )), Secure Boot should be set to Reduced Security , and All Kernel Extensions should be allowed .

If current settings are:

-Secure Boot: Reduced Security

-Allow All Kernel Extensions: Yes

Then the Boot Policy is already setup properly, you can skip ahead to Steps for Installing
Promise Pegasus Driver to begin the driver installation If not, then change the Boot Policy
by following the instructions below.

To change the Boot Policy to the proper settings, follow these instructions:

1.Shutdown your Mac

2.Press and hold the power button to enter Recovery mode

3.Choose Options , and click Continue
Go to Utilities --> Startup Security Utility

4.Set the security level to Reduced Security choose the option to "Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers ” and click OK to continue.

5.Reboot normally and back to macOS.

Check the Boot Policy to make sure the settings are correct,

System Information --> Hardware --> Controller --> Boot Policy


Steps for Installing Promise Pegasus Driver

Follow instructions in the wizard to install the Promise Pegasus Driver

1.Double click the .pkg driver installation file. Note that the file name begins with R _MacDrv” followed by the version number. The installer appears. Click Continue to begin the installation.

2.Click Install to perform a standard installation

3.Enter your password to allow the installation.

4.Driver installation takes a few minutes.

5.The System Extension Blocked message will a ppear . To allow the loading of Promise Pegasus Driver, Choose Open Security Preferences or open System Preferences and go to the General page of Security & Privacy

6.Click the lock icon to allow changes in Security & Privacy

7.Enter your password to unlock Security & Privacy preferences.

8.Click Allow to allow load ing system software from developer 'Promise Technology Mobile Apps"


9.Restart is required to load the new kext


After restarting your computer, you can check your installed version and other information. Open System Information -> Extensions-> then find the extension name PromiseSTEX.