Product: FastTrak TX2200

Product Description: HBA

Platform: ALL

Firmware/Bios Version: ALL

Solution: Instructions for creating a mirror with an existing drive with an OS already installed.

-To better insure that you are mirroring the correct drive. Make sure drive 1 is attached to channel 1 and drive 2 is attached to drive 2.

First reboot to the controller card bios.

At the bios screen hit <ctrl> <f>. It should bring the screen to the controller menu.

Once in the menu, highlight option number 2 (drive assignments), hit <enter>. It should show a display showing the number of drives attached. Each drive will have an acronym of JBOD next to it. Our goal here is to make say spare.

After you highlight the first drive push <space bar>, then <ctrl> <y>, then push <ctrl> <y> again to agree. Do the same procedure for the second drive. "Do not worry about deleting the data it will not delete it"

The next step is hit <esc> and return to main menu. Then arrow down to number 3, (define array), remember which drive you want to image before starting mirroring.

Next highlight the logical disk 1. "this should be the disk with the information on." Then type <enter>, it should give you another menu for the drive that was entered.

One of the menu’s will say RAID mode, from that point you want to keep tapping the spaceabar until it says create and duplicate. Just in case you happen to come across "initialization" make sure that it is disabled.. It should make an exact duplicate.