Product: UltraTrak RM4000

Platform: All

Additional Description: Glitches such as a ‘disk is set down’ or ‘disk plugged in’


We have been able to see some deficiencies in the UltraTrak FW in our lab. 

The FW supports 8 channels and when the 4-bay enclosure is detected, the channel scheme changes.    It appears there is a whole in the FW channel scheme that will expose additional channels which will cause the glitches such as a ‘disk is set down’ or ‘disk plugged in’.

We have not encountered any loss of data and believe the bug is more of a nuisance than being critical.   In all of the cases that I had seen, some were recoverable during the system runtime and some were recoverable with a system reboot.

Additional Information:

Firmware Rev:

Maxtor 5A250J0