Promise VTrak RAID models have an ethernet (RJ45) Management Port connector that enables you to monitor and configure the VTrak RAID over your network using the WebPAM PROe Software.

The default IP address of the VTrak RAID controller management port is


Step 1: Establish the management path

  1. Connect the management port on the VTrak to a network switch
  2. Connect the host computer or server to the same network switch

Step 2: Configure the host computer's IP address

  1. Set the IP address of the host computer to the same class C subnet as the VTrak management port. Example: Configure the IP address of the host computer network adapter to 10.0.0.x (wher x is an unused address between 4 and 254)
  2. Set the subnet mask to
  3. Other settings, such as default gateway or DNS do not need to be configured at this time

Step 3: Log into WebPAM PROe

  1. Start a web browser or open a new web browser window
  2. In the browser's address field, type This is the IP address of the VTrak RAID management port. 
  3. You may get a security warning that the certificate for this website may be at risk. You can safely continue to the web page to view the VTrak login screen.
  4. When the login screen appears, use administrator for the user name, and password for the password.
  5. Once WebPAM PROe loads, you can perform necessary configuration of our VTrak.
  6. Please consult your VTrak user manual and/or quick start guide for information on how to use WebPAM PROe.


Please note - If you change the VTrak's IP address, be sure to change host computer's IP address to be in the same class C subnet. This is necessary so you can login to the VTrak in the future.