Keeping your M4 firmware up-to-date is crucial for optimal performance and security. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to update the firmware seamlessly by Promise Utility Pro:


  1. Access PROMISE Support: Begin by visiting the PROMISE support website at for M4 to download the latest firmware image file. Save this file either to your Host PC or a TFTP server for easy access.                                                 
  2. Preparation: Before initiating the firmware update process, ensure that there are no background activities running on the RAID subsystem. This precautionary measure helps to prevent any interruptions during the update.                                                                                                                                                                             
  3. Navigation: Open Promise Utility Pro. On the First page where you will find the thunderbolt device. when you click on 3 dots on right up corner you will find the option of firmware update.

4.Choose Download Option: Depending on your preference and setup, you can choose one of the following download options:

  • Local File through HTTP: Click on the "Choose File" button and locate the firmware image file saved on your system. Once selected, click "Open" to proceed.
  • TFTP Server: Alternatively, you can opt to use a TFTP server. Enter the TFTP Server's host name or IP address, along with the port number and file name.



     5. Click the "Choose File" button and navigate to the location where you downloaded the .img file on you system.

     6. Select the .img file and upload.

     7.Click on the check box on the windows and select to update.



      8. Wait for system to update the Firmware. It will take couple of second.

      9. Once the update is finished. Restart the System.

    10. After restart you can check that the current updated firmware version as shown below.