Promise Array Management

Platform: Windows only

Firmware/Bios Version: 4.0

Additional Description: The behavior is normal for message agent or message server. The message agent and message server will sent the message including message agent name or message server name with the words "hello word" to the specific ports (712 & 713) when they are running. Message server boardcasts this messages to all remote computers in port 713 in the network in order to find if there are any system using PAM utility with Promise controller card. So that message server can provide the information to the PAM remote utility to show the systems using PAM utility with Promise controller card. Message agent boardcasts the message to claim its existence to the remote message in port 712 in server systems. Is it very disturbing to the customer network? There's no way to stop this behavior if the message agent is running. The message agent must be run in order to get the controller card information in the local system too.

Solution: Normal operations