The Promise Utility will advise you which HDD module failed and you need to make a note of that Bay slot number before turning the system off.  Follow these instructions

Prior to beginning the steps please make sure you are using the latest Promise Utility. You can download the Promise Utilty here.


Go ahead and Open the Promise Utility

Soon as you open the Promise Utility it will scream something is wrong. Note** If you see this informational message below, we advise to not accept and then shut down the Mac Pro 2019, finally, reseat the Promise R4i hard drives. There could be a slight chance that the drive did not detect on boot. Reseating and rebooting your Mac Pro will sometimes correct these problem. However; if this screen pops up again, please accept continue with the steps as there could be a dead drive. 


Once you've accepted you will notice in the home page dashboard, under the label "system status", the disk array and logical drive have an "red circle" on each of them. If you look under the label "storage overview" you can see that there are 3 drives listed. In the label "Event Information" you will notice the Logical drive has been set to critical due to the missing drive. 


We will confirm the drive is dead by checking the other settings.

Under the Physical Drive Icon you will notice that a Physical Drive is missing from the list. 

In this image we are looking at the Disk Array information. Notice the operational status as Degraded. 

In this image is the logical drive. The operational status is "critical" which means that the volume is usuable, but if another drive fails than it will be catastrophic. 

Now we've identified that the drive is indeed failed. 

Go to the icon --> Disk Array --> highlight select disk array --> than to the far right there are three dots to extend the options. Click on the rebuild and proceed to accept. 

Once the rebuild has begun you can monitor the rebuild in the daskboard. 

3Please note** If the rebuild does not appear or fails, contact support immediately. Support contact information ->, or call 408 228 1400 option 4

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