This procedure can be used to restore the NS4600 after bad flash or downgrade firmware on the NS4600 to earlier build. Downgrades should “ONLY” be done if necessary (such as restoring a feature that is currently inoperable).

  1. Download the NS4600 Firmware you intend to flash from the Promise support site.
  2. Make a note of the current IP address of your NAS by writing it down.
  3. Power off the NS4600. Hold the power button and reset button (pin hole located to the left of chassis screw – bottom left - will need paperclip or push pin) for 5 seconds to power-on in Safe Mode. The status and Ethernet LED will both flash blue after 10 seconds. The NS4600 will boot completely into Safe Mode after 30 to 45 seconds.
  4. Open a browser and enter: \ipaddress (example: \
  5. The Public Folder Share (RAM disk) will appear in the browser. Open the Public Folder Share and copy the firmware file to it.
  6. Open another browser and enter: //ipaddress (example: //
  7. The Safe Mode webpage will appear. Enter the firmware filename and select “OK” to begin the firmware update process. The NS4600 will reboot after the update completes successfully.

    NOTE: Do not interrupt the Firmware update process. Doing so can result in permanent damage to the unit which will require an RMA replacement.

  8. If the Safe Mode update or downgrade process fails to restore NS4600 to functional state, please contact technical support for “RMA” replacement.