NAS to NAS Replication Port

When using the SmartStor NS4300N or NS4600N NAS Replication Feature over the Internet, WAN, or VPN, the following port must be open in the Router and Firewall for the replication process to function as expected.

TCP Port 873

UDP Port 873

If you continue to have issues with NAS-to-NAS Replication, such as "replication" does not begin, begins and stops abruptly, or simply hangs with no progress:

1. Ensure that "email notification" is properly setup in Promise Array Storage Management (Web Interface). Use the Test button to verify.

2. Run NAS to NAS Replication. Upon failure the SmartStor will send an email notification with "error details". Please forward the email notification to Promise Technical Support via opening a web support case or by phone (send via email to tech once contact has been established).