Product: WebPAM PROe

Symptom: When users execute "Restore factory defaults" command for iSCSI settings from CLI, CLU or WebPAM PROe and then reboot the Mx00i system, iSCSI port 1 performance will drop dramatically when running the built-in Performance Tester of IBM Tivoli SANergy. This problem only applies to iSCSI port 1. It does not affect the performance of iSCSI port 2.

Root Cause

The Nagle option on iSCSI port 1 is unexpectedly enabled after executing the CLI command and rebooting the Mx00i system. According to the design, the Nagle option is always disabled for Mx00i systems and user is not able to change the option at all. User can use CLI command "iscsi -t tcpip" to see if the Nagle option is unexpectedly enabled for iSCSI port 1.


To disable the Nagle option, user must execute Redboot command ‘clrnvram’ to restore factory default settings. Note that all customer settings will be reset to default settings after executing this command.

This issue will be fixed in next service release.